Rosmar Kagayaku Kojic Peeling Soap 10x Instant Peeling Soap Scar Remover 70g


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  • Rosmar Kagayaku Kojic Soap
  • Instant Whitening- 70 g
  • Kojic Peeling Soap
  • Pimple & Scar Remover
  • kojic Acid Dipalmitate
  • Lactate Acid
  • Niacinamide
  • Rosmar Kagayaku Kojic  Peeling Soap Instant Whitening Soap (70g)
  • Vitamin E and Gluta Therapy promotes healthy skin.
  • Extra cleansing and nourishing which is making skin soft and smooth.
  • It contains to protect the skin free from radical and improves skin to brighten
  • Makes your facial skin bright and smoother
  • Replenishes and moisturise skin to be soft
  • Restores skin problems, keeping your skin firm
  • Get rid of dark spot, redness, and acne scars
  • Control oily skin
  • With light fragrance that will help relax during cleansing your face.
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