Mimi White AHA Whitening Body Serum 120 ml


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Aha Whitening Serum Concentrates White Aha 70% For Faster Skin Whitening.
Mimi White AHA Whitening Body Serum is concentrated with fruity acid to totally whiten and fade away tough blemishes like spots, scars and tough skin areas such as elbows and knee.
Main Function :
  • To Exfoliate Or Remove Skin Cells.
  • Helps To Make Skin Smooth And Soft.
  • Helps Lighten Complexion.
  • Reduces wrinkles, dark spots acne, rough skin
  • Reconditioning Skin Scars from mosquito bites, acne spots and dark spots.
  • The Exfoliation Properties Of The Serum Allow Better Product Absorption And Faster Skin Removal.


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