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What is Korean Skin Rejuvenating Set?
This Rejuvenating set is a collection of cleansing, whitening, moisturising, anti-aging and anti-acne which Korean Skin carefully designed and combined for you to achieve that smoother, brighter and younger looking skin!
It whitens dark spots, minimise blemishes and other skin discolouration such as freckles and ‘age spots’.
What are the effects of using Korean Skin Rejuvenating Set?
1. Peeling - Definitely expect some skin peeling. Skin peeling gets rid of dull, damage skin do the smooth new skin underneath can be revealed. Some people find peeling a bit much, gan’on talaga. Tiis ganda.
2. Redness - Many people complain about extreme redness. It is a lot like a chemical peel and peeling and redness are very common to happen. If you feel that the redness is a bit too much, dahan-dahan kasi bes sa pag-gamit ng Korean Skin Rejuvenating Toner! Dab-dab lang hindi kuskos!
Take note: always apply plenty of Korean Skin Sunblock to prevent skin burning from the hot sun.
 How to do a simple allergy patch test?
Patch testing is a simple method of testing a new skin care product or a new skin care ingredient to see if it will work for your unique skin.
1. Place a few drops or small amount of the product you are testing on the inside of your elbow.
2. Apply a bandage (optional). Do not get this area wet during the test.
3. Irritation means do not use the product you are testing.
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