KUMIKO Collagen TRipeptide 150,000mg. 15 sachets in a box.



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Kumiko Collagen Tripeptide

Kumiko Collagen KUMIKO Collagen is a collagen that increases strength. and flexibility of collagen in the skin layer healthy skin from inside to outside With 8 types of skin care extracts, it helps nourish all skin types. Large pores look smaller, prevent blemishes, dark spots, freckles, acne, reduce oiliness, reduce rough skin and improves the efficiency of the circulatory system The skin is more flexible Wrinkles are reduced. scars look faded and the skin is more hydrated and help inhibit the formation of melanin pigment make the skin more radiant Hair and nail care bone and joint repair Adjust the water balance of the joints.
The best of skin care reveal white skin
• Smooth skin, dry skin.
• Reduce acne, blemishes, freckles.
• Reduce enlarged pores, look smaller.
• Reduce dull skin.
• Reduce wrinkles, crow's feet.
• Reduce dark spots.
• Tighten skin, reduce wrinkles. sagging skin
• Collagen Tripeptide helps fight free radicals.
• Salmon Ovary peptide helps the baby face to increase the level of Growth Hormones.
• Acerola Cherry Extract reduces dark circles. Dark spots from pollution and UV rays
• Gac Fruit contains Lycopene and Beta-carotene. to repair damaged skin
• Passion Fruit nourishes the body, adds vitamins for beautiful skin.
• Melon Powder repairs damaged cells in the body.
• Citrus Bioflavonoid Vitamin P builds immunity. optimize how vitamin C works
• Pomegranate Fruit Extracts tighten pores, reduce wrinkles.
• Orange Fruit healthy skin, strong, helps to slow down aging, nourish eyesight.
• Coenzyme Q10 helps reduce wrinkles.
• L-Glutathlone Brighten skin, look aura
• Rose Placenta creates elastic, radiant, younger looking skin.
How to eat Kumiko Collagen 
1 sachet (15 g) mixed with 120 ml of water, take 1-2 sachets per day.


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