Haplas liniment Oil 60ml


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Haplas Liniment Oil is a topical solution for a variety of ailments including arthritis, rheumatism, gout, muscle ache, stomachache, varicose veins, and body pains. It relaxes the muscle and relieves pain. It also has a deep penetrating heat that goes through the skin and muscle tissues.

Nature herbs and Himag Oil is made from the trunk of the Himag Tree,extracted to its purest form. I is 100% pure and is not mixed with other oils such as coconut oil. It is highly effective in healing pain from all over the body. It is to be used directly on the affected body part, just gently massage and experience the wondrous healing magic of Nature herbs and Himag Oil.

Recharge your body using our top-tier First Liniment Oil infused with Gluta Plus Gel ! Discover the seamless balance of comforting relief and skin-nourishing benefits. Embark on an elevated wellness journey today!

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