GMEELAN Gluta Whitening Lazy Cream & Orange Exfoliating Gel Package Set


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How to use Gmeelan Exfoliating Gel & Cream:

  1. Dry face and hands.
  2. Gently smear the exfoliating gel on the face, elbow, knee, boot, etc., massage in circular motion until the cutin softens.
  3. Add water and rinse thoroughly.
  4. You can use the body scrub after using the Exfoliating Gel, the effect is better.
  5. You can use it once or twice a week .
  6. When it comes to morning versus night exfoliation, you're going to reap the best benefits from exfoliating in the morning time. This is due to the oils your skin produces overnight. You'll be able to more smoothly remove all impurities, dead skin, and oils, when you exfoliate in the morning, rather than at night.
  7. Gel or water-based moisturizers should be applied in circular motions until they are completely absorbed. Dr. Mack says, “When applied, moisturizers should make skin feel hydrated but not oily.” If you over-apply, gently pat away excess product with a clean, damp washcloth.
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