Dear Face Beauty Milk Premium Japanese Lychee Stemcell Drink 10 sachets


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Promote youthful glowing skin from within with Dear Face Beauty Milk!

The most advanced anti-aging and anti-pimple technology! 

Say hello to the new Lychee Milk Stemcell Boost Drink! Designed to resolve major skin issues - repairs organs' tissues, retains skin's moisture, brightens skin tone, rejuvenated damaged skin, improves skin's firmness, tightens pores, improves acne issues, lessens pigmentation, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. All at one go!

Repairs cells, maintains normal cell growth and function, hinders UV damage, counters free radicals and prevents premature ageing. Improves body vitality, reduces fatigue, increases alertness and enhances mental focus.

How to use:

In a glass of cold or hot water, mix 1 sachet of Beauty Milk, and stir thoroughly. Take once a day for 1 month straight for best results.

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