Crystal Glow Lychee Fruit Extract 50,000mg Hydrolized Marine Collagen


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It also contains 5,000MG Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen per sachet. It's KETO FRIENDLY too!! It can also help you lose weight with proper diet and consistent intake. This collagen drink helps promote healthy skin, hair, and nails, and it's also beneficial for joints, bones and connective tissues.

What are the benefits of Crystal Glow Collagen?
Benefits. Like other sources of collagen, marine collagen may help delay some signs of aging, like wrinkles, joint issues, and weakness. Besides the anti-aging benefits, fish collagen also provides an alternative to people who have issues about using other forms of collagen.
Help Remove Blemishes Blemishes are the bane of anyone who seeks flawless skin. Applying lychee juice can help fade away the blemishes and marks, leaving you with clear skin.
Reduce Sunburns Spending too much time in the sun can cause redness and blisters.


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