Cherifer Forte Syrup Fortified with Zinc with Taurine and Double Chlorella Growth Factor + Zinc Orange Flavor 120ml


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Cherifer Forte Syrup With Zinc is a vitamin preparation with double strength CGF, the growth-promoting and cell nourishing substance. Chlorella growth factor contains nucleic acids that serves as building blocks in maximizing growth potential, tissue repair and healing.
Cherifer Forte Syrup With Zinc is fortified with amino acids, lysine and taurine. Lysine is necessary for growth, enhances appetite and is of value in upgrading utilization of food in low quality protein.
Cherifer Forte Syrup With Zinc contains the important mineral which is needed in the maintenance of almost all biological functions of the body. Zinc has been proven to help in the proper growth and development of children. Deficiency of this mineral can lead to growth retardation and stunting. Zinc also helps in the prevention, reduction of duration and severity of most common childhood infections eg, pneumonia and diarrhea. Studies have also shown that zinc aids in the proper and faster weight gain of malnourished children.
Cherifer Forte Syrup With Zinc contains higher amount of taurine that helps in the mental, visual and motor development of active, growing children.
Cherifer Forte Syrup With Zinc contains 105% RENI of vitamin A which, together with taurine, plays an essential role in the function of the retina to improve vision. It is also important in producing energy and promoting efficient metabolism of food by ensuring proper conversion of food elements for energy and growth.
Cherifer Forte Syrup With Zinc provides sufficient supply of the B-complex vitamins which are essential for metabolism and utilization of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. They are essential components (co-enzymes) of the metabolic machinery of all cells and are essential for normal blood formation. Presence of niacinamide helps improve blood circulation.
Food supplement. Vitamin preparation for stimulating growth and weight, tissue repair and healing. Enhances appetite, for nutritional deficiencies and improvement of vision. Increases overall body resistance to stress and infections. Improves blood circulation. Promotes mental, visual and motor development of growing children. Best taken during the growth gap years.





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