CAPADOSA Botox Whitening Day and Night Cream with SPF70 10G


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Capadosa Botox Whitening Day & Night Cream with SPF 70 is a skincare product designed to provide whitening, Anti pimple, Anti-Dark spot, anti-melasma, and anti-aging benefits to the skin.

Lightly Tinted for rosy Glowing complexion, it will keep skin from premature aging which also protects skin from ultra violet ray.

  • Anti- Aging
  • Whitening
  • SPF 70
  • Protect
  • Grab yours now! Only here at Capadosa The Beauty is Always yours!
  • FDA approved
  • With DTI permit
  • Safe
  • Tested
  • Effective
  • High quality products
  • Not rebrand
  • Exclusive formula
  • All ingredients authentic made in Korea and Thailand
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