Beauty&U HIKARI Premium Japan Glutathione with Oral Sunblock Technology


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The one that will make your morning and night beautiful - Hikari Ultra Glutathione??
You'll wake up fresh, you'll sleep fresh! It's really good for everyday use! ?
Just 2-3 capsules daily, smoothness and beauty is the return!
?? Enhance healthy and glowing skin
?? Helps repair sun damage inside out
?? Helps boost immune system
?? Helps reduce inflammations and skin aging

Beauty & U Hikari Premium Japan Glutathione with Oral Sunblock.


HIKARI is a specially Formulated oral supplement that lightens your complexion and maintains a healthy and transculent skin while protecting your skin from the inside againts the harmful effects of the sun.Truly your light from within!


Oral Sunblock Technology-Protects the skin from the inside againts harmful affects of the sun especially on certain uncovered areas like scalp, eyelids,ears etc.



Take 2-3 Capsules daily after meals.before bedtime.

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