Amazing Pure Organic Barley 10 sachets


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The fiber in barley might lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and insulin levels. It also seems to slow stomach emptying which could keep blood sugar stable and help to control appetite. People use barley for heart disease and high cholesterol.

Contains 20% protein which is essential for continual cell building and regeneration; as well as energy production, immune function and detoxification. AMAZING PURE ORGANIC BARLEY is a great nutritional supplement that provides antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Why Barley is good for DIABETES?
1. Because it contains a higher amount of ARGININE(14.3mg/gm) and this amino acid is used to release insulin from the pancreas and helps increase glucose uptake in the muscle cells.
2. It has CHROMIUM that increases the ability of insulin to bind to cells and leads to increase insulin sensitivity of the body tissue. It leads the body to be more efficient in absorbing the blood sugar. "Travel Guide" or it opens the door for the insulin to enter into the bodies cells. Lowers blood sugar and insulin levels in those with type 2 diabetes.
3. It has VANADIUM which activates insulin receptors making the Beta cell of the pancreas produce more insulin resulting in the decrease of blood sugar.

It is best consumed on an empty stomach, either first thing in the morning or before meals. One common mistake that people make when consuming barley grass is taking it with hot liquids or cooking it, which can destroy its valuable nutrients.

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