Alada Soap 160g


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Key Benefits Of Alada Soap:

ALADA Instant Whitening Soap is a premium soap made in Thailand with 100% natural ingredients. It effectively lightens skin, reduces scars and dark spots, eliminates dead skin cells, and nourishes for a smooth, clear complexion in one step. Suitable for both face and body, use regularly for optimal results.

  • Have a good effect for nourishing & moisturizing your skin.
  • For clearer and fine skin complexion.
  • Whiten your skin and keeps it smooth and young-looking.
  • The soap helps to whiten the skin.
  • The soap helps eliminate scars from the skin.


Alada is great for exfoliation and it also lightened my skin in just a short time. I think you'll definitely achieve a fairer skin tone if you use the soap continuously.

Use it not just in your face but in your whole body daily during bath time. Leave it for 2-5 minutes so it really soothes in your skin. You may wash your face with ALADA soap 3x a day.



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